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Technical Information

  • Choose the model of drill-bits that correspond to the type of drill to use.
  • The diameter of the drill-bit should be that corresponding to the fixation to place.
  • Mark the point where will do the hole, to avoid movements during the pierced.
  • Respect the type and diameter of the screw suggested for each fixation.
  • Do not use rotary percussive drilling in soft or hollow walls.
  • It suggests use sensor of metals before the pierced, to avoid drill pipes or other metallic elements.
  • Remove dust from the hole that we made.
  • Choose the suitable fixation for each type of wall.
  • Follow the suggested maximum loads.
Información técnica

Consider the type of effort that will subject the element to fix,
for a correct election of the fixation.

About Us

It does more than 25 years that we produce fixing solutions. We manufacture elements of fixation for diverse industrial applications, construction and household. We adapt to the needs of our customers offering each case different models, sizes and packaging.

From the beginning our objective was to produce a wide and quality line. Today we have a team of professionals with specific knowledge and modern equipment that allows us to offer a wide range of products, with high quality and competitive prices.

We design and manufacture our own moulds, which allow us to innovate in design and offer a careful quality of production, according to the international quality standards.

We work with large stocks, for faster response to customer requirements.

We are prepared to assist our dealers and users in choosing the correct fixation.

We started to export in 1997 and now we are present in over 20 countries, consolidating our leadership in the sector.

As a company we are aware of our social responsibility and we work with respect for the environment.

We put all our efforts in your service and we are proud to do so.

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